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  • Palmela Castle, early history

    Palmela Castle, early history

    Did a small video about the early history of Palmela Castle with drone’s eye views of the castle.

  • Making a Time Lapse using a DJI Mavic Mini

    Making a Time Lapse using a DJI Mavic Mini

    Did some experiments with the DJI Mavic Mini to capture time lapse footage, this although the drone doesn’t have dedicated time lapse features.

  • DJI Mavic Mini firmware update

    DJI just released a firmware update for they’re Mavic Mini drone.

  • DJI Mavic Mini flight duration test

    Made a small test using a fully charged battery on my DJI Mavic Mini to see how long the flight would last.

  • DJI Mavic Mini manual control of camera White Balance

    DJI released version 1.0.8 of the DJI Fly App. This is the App released by DJI specifically for the DJI Mavic Mini, it runs on the phone that connects to the remote controller. Although there was no official announcement or description on the update information the update added two new features, the ability to manually…

  • Leça do Balio Monastery

    Leça do Balio Monastery

    Drone’s eye photography of the church of the Leça do Balio Monastery. The monastery dates back at least to the year 1003 but this church was built between 1330 and 1336. At the base of the tower there are some anthropomorphic grave stones that where dugout during renovations. You can see the original on Flickr.

  • DJI Mavic Mini Gimbal settings

    How to adjust the settings for the DJI Mavic Mini to get the best footage for your videos. Some small changes make a lot of difference.

  • Crestuma-Lever Dam

    Crestuma-Lever Dam

    Drone’s eye view of Crestuma-Lever Dam with the flood gates open. The Crestuma-Lever Dam on the river Douro creates the reservoir for water supply to the city of Porto. You can see the original on Flickr, I also contributed the photo to Wikipedia.

  • DJI Mavic Mini Flight Modes

    Changing the DJI Mavic Mini flight mode to get smoother footage for your videos. Shot on a very gray day on the banks of the river Douro this video also gives some insight on the excellent video capture quality that you can get from your Mavic Mini,

  • DJI Mavic Mini Unboxing

    Finally I received my DJI Mavic Mini and decided to do an unboxing video. It’s de “Fly More” combo, with three batteries, a charger and really good case, among some other stuff.